Bringing to light the full condition of Autism and encouraging extensive knowledge and understanding. 


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At Life with Autism, we are on a mission to positively influence society on the realities of Autism and what it is like to live with Autism. Our nonprofit delivers free books, training resources and workshops related to autism in order to help individuals, organizations and communities better understand and appreciate what the full spectrum of autism entails. By offering tools and techniques to anyone interested in learning more, we are helping build compassionate societies that are aware, welcoming and supportive.


About Us:

After writing a children’s book on Autism called Liam’s Life with Autism, Sensory Overload; we realized the importance of not only introducing individuals to Autism, but enabling them to understand what living with Autism truly feels like. We seek to attract parents, children, educators and anyone else interested in further developing their understanding of the mental condition that can drastically change a life. We are driven to make sure Autistic children and adults feel comfortable and safe while having access to the tools and support they deserve. We focus on encouraging an independent lifestyle that is acknowledged and supported  by family and friends. Every day, we look for new ways of pushing for more innovative research and methodologies in treating Autism. 


Freddy Ocasio is an educator and an uprising inspired author.  He is happily married and has three wonderful children.  Freddy was born in the Bronx, in the state of New York, and raised by his parents with three older brothers and one younger sister.

Growing up with speech and language disorders and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Freddy knew how it felt to be different.  Being misunderstood in school and at home had its challenges.  Despite his disabilities, Freddy was placed in the general population during elementary and middle school.  Though he was faced with difficulties learning the curriculum, Freddy went on to high school.  He eventually persevered and graduated from Medger Evers College with an Associate’s degree, Lehman College with a Bachelor’s in Speech and Audiology and Mercy College with a Master’s in Education.  His only desire throughout his college years was to help children who were misunderstood due to a disability.

Freddy has been working with the Autistic population in the Bronx for many years.  He is currently a gym teacher but had the privilege of teaching Math and Science as well.  Freddy works diligently to make a difference in the lives of his students. 

Now, Freddy has put his considerable teaching skills and vast knowledge into writing his first book titled “Liam’s Life with Autism, Sensory Overload”.  He hopes the children’s book will bring more awareness to the condition of Autism to a wider audience.  He plans to follow up with many more titles in the future.


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