Underground Barbershop & Life with Autism

                  free haircut event

Life with Autism & Restoration Christian Ministries

          join together for an uplifting service

Begining with prayer.
Barber's love.
This is what the event was all about.
Knowledge is the key
to success.
Love and dedication.
This whole picture is beautiful.
A smile says a lot.
Having the right tools and attitude means a lot.
Taking her time.
That's quality work.
What a great time we had.
The dap
Fresh looking cut
Chairs are not necessary...
Love is Key.
Our most prideful moment
He said "This is the best time of my life".
Father and Son
Enjoying every minute.
Back to school supplies
FREE haircuts and school supplies were provided.
Nails and Hair
Our girls had the full package done.
Distracted while taking a haircut.
Thank you C-Town
for your financial support.
Thank you for allowing us to use your facility.
NYPD creating free
ID's for all of our children.
Kate's Kuts Salon
Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
RCM Church
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your generous donation.
Mayor Mike Spano awards
"Life with Autism, Inc" with Proclamation.
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Father and Son

Enjoying every minute.